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How to Make Blooming Tea With Oolong to Brighten Your Day

Floral Oolong tea - ToDoTea

Let’s face it,

Between hours of shuffling papers from one desk to the next, hammering keyboards to type out the next gibberish report, and finding every excuse to take long walks to the drinking fountain to refill your Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea.

Or if you are working from home,

Despite the freedom you get to dictate your own work tempo, the umpteenth visit to the nearest coffee shop just doesn’t relax you anymore.

Sometimes you just wish to take a more imaginative time out to your bland and eventless working day.

If only there is a magic door to transport you to a flowery field at the foot of the snow-crested mountains, with a light breeze delivering you complete relaxation in the form of floral fragrance.

Foot of the mountains with some flowers

Wish you are here.

Just in case you are not a billionaire that can fly to the Alps on a whim, the next best thing is a floral tea mixed with your favourite high mountain Oolong.

Here is a recipe for a layered flowering tea mixed with Oolong to transport you to the foot of the Alps with the floral scent and refreshment from the familiar Taiwan Oolong tea.

1. Mix Syrup and Taiwan Oolong Tea in a Cocktail Shaker

The first step is to mix 2 teaspoons of syrup with Oolong tea into a cocktail shaker to sweeten the mix.

Pour homemade syrup into the cocktail shaker - ToDoTea

Homemade syrup is even better.

Then pour 6 oz (177 ml) of Taiwan Shan Lin Xi Oolong, cold brewed overnight, into the cocktail shaker to add the fresh, high mountain tea aroma to the drink.

Mix Oolong tea with syrup in the cocktail shaker - ToDoTea

Oolong tea as the source of high mountain freshness.

Once the cocktail has the proper mixture of syrup and Oolong,

Add plenty of ice cubes to prepare for the vigorous shaking that’s coming up next.

2. Shake to Mix the Oolong Tea Blend

The point of the ice cubes is to blend the drink.

The ice cubes act like a stirrup blending the drink, though the ice cubes dance a bit more randomly in a shaker.


It’s time to get your dance moves together and shake the cocktail shaker.

Shake it like a polaroid picture.

After about 30 seconds of shaking the cocktail, you should get a slightly sweetened Oolong tea brew.

Syrup and Oolong tea blend - ToDoTea

Oolong tea, sweet.

3. Prepare a Hot Blooming Tea Brew

Now, it’s time to add some colour and dimension to the tea.

Hot brew your favourite floral tea, preferably one with vivid, vibrant colour.

Blue floral tea in a pot - ToDoTea

Blue flowering tea.

Once you have a hot brew with lively colours, it’s time to mix it with Oolong.

4. Slowly Pour the Flowering Tea Over the Oolong Tea

As you may have remembered back in physics class, hot water is lighter than cold water.

Which means,

If you pour the hot floral tea slowly into the cold Oolong tea, the floral tea will stay afloat on top, creating a separation of colours.

Beautifully brewed flowering Oolong tea - ToDoTea

A beautifully brewed floral Oolong blend.

To make the separation of colour even better, you can use a spoon to slow down the blooming tea as you pour to make sure the tea don’t mix.

There you go,

Have a sip of the flowering high mountain tea, and breathe in the floral aroma with the high mountain freshness.


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