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Coffee Milk Tea Recipe for the Authentic Hong Kong Experience

Coffee Milk Tea with a teddy bear spoon - ToDoTea

Every morning.

The dread of freezing cold makes us want to stay in bed.

The only cure for the morning cold is a nice hot cup of tea.

Hot Coffee Milk Tea in the snow - ToDoTea

A hot cup of Coffee Milk Tea to drive away the cold.

On a cold morning like this,

A sip of Coffee Milk Tea gives me sufficient caffeine kick to wake up, followed by the mild black tea taste and a hint of milk to warm me up on the inside.

The traditional Coffee Milk Tea, or Yuenyang Milk Tea, was introduced to me the last time I visited Hong Kong in 2012.

The complex and layered taste of coffee tea and milk has since become my go to drink in the cold mornings.

Why Is Coffee Milk Tea so Popular?

Due to the history of Hong Kong, it is a city steeped in both Western and Eastern cultures.

Between 1839 and 1996, British influence over Hong Kong, as a British colony, brought about the globalisation of local economy, and the introduction of tea drinking.

Ceylon and Assam black teas quickly became a staple in the afternoon snack, usually drank with a little milk and sugar, as milk teas.

As modernisation of Hong Kong picked up speed, the fast paced work environment of modern Hong Kong demanded something with stronger caffeine to get the locals through a busy day.

Then coffee was added to the local favourite milk tea, for extra caffeine boost, and Hong Kong style Coffee Milk Tea was invented.

Here are the ways to kick start your freezing morning with a perfect blend of Coffee Milk Tea.

Step 1. Hot Brew Strong Taiwan Red Jade Black Tea

To make sure the black tea flavour stands out from the coffee,

You need to brew a stronger black tea than usual.

Hot brew 5 teaspoons of best loose leaf Taiwan Red Jade Black Tea (5-7 grams) to 6 ounces of hot water.

Boil Taiwan Red Jade Black Tea - ToDoTea

Boil the black tea leaves for 5 minutes.

Bring the black tea leaves and water to boil for around 5 minutes, and pour it in a glass.

One part Taiwan black tea - ToDoTea

Filling one third of glass with black tea.

In order to achieve 1:1:1 ratio of black tea, coffee and milk,

You only need to fill the glass one third of the way for now.

Step 2. Add 1 Part Coffee to Glass

This is where you can revert back to the guilty pleasure of the caffeine filled ground coffee.

Brew a small pot of your favourite coffee, and add that to the glass.

Filling another third of the glass.

One part Taiwan black tea and one part coffee - ToDoTea

Fill another third of glass with coffee.

If you are keeping track,

You have 1 part coffee and 1 part black tea in the glass now.

Your coffee tea mix becomes darker and richer in flavour, as you close in on the final touch of the Coffee Milk Tea.

Step 3. Pour 1 Part Milk to the Coffee Tea Mix

The last step is to add 1 part milk to the Coffee Tea, to create the 1:1:1 ratio of Coffee Milk Tea.

Add one part milk to the coffee tea mix - ToDoTea

Add 1 part milk to complete the Hong Kong style Coffee Milk Tea.

There you have it,

A Coffee Milk Tea with Black Tea aroma, rich coffee body and a milky scent to help you drive away the morning cold.

Coffee Milk Tea ready to drink - ToDoTea

Hong Kong style Coffee Milk Tea ready to drink.


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