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Hong Kong Style Lemon Iced Tea Recipe to Chill Your Summer Days

Frozen Lemon Ice Black Tea - To Do Tea

Ah, the summer is here, a time when office work seems more dreadful than usual with the suffocating heat, and lying on beaches with an iced black tea while feeling tiny grains of sand is all you think about.

The golden sunshine lights up the pristine beaches and blesses the demi gods and goddesses with envious milk chocolate skin, while transforming the sea water to an inviting cold dip.

What more can you wish for on a bright sunny day like this?

Picture yourself there.

In case you are staying indoors, like me, all tied up with uninspiring work and mundane chores, locked far far away from the soft sandy beaches, the least you can do is steal a little sunshine and cool breeze to your desk to brighten your day.

So, what's the plan?

We'll show you how a homemade iced tea recipe to blow away the sweaty frown and breathe a light breeze as you lie on the couch.

1. Prepare a Glass of Cold Black Tea

The best way is to prepare a cold brew of black tea, by soaking loose tea leaves in a flask of water, around 5 teaspoons (5-7 g) of tea leaves for 6 oz (177 ml) of water, and leave it in a fridge overnight.

This way,

You don't need to add too much ice to cool the drink and risk diluting the flavour.

Taiwan black tea brew - ToDoTea

Iced black tea as the canvas for your homemade master piece.

Or if you can’t wait for your drink,

You can just cheat a little, like I do,

And hot brew a double strength black tea with double the loose leaves then add plenty of ice.

2. Create a Tray of Frozen Lemon Ice

Lemon ice! Frozen?

What's that?

These are tiny slices of lemon frozen in ice cubes.

A great way to lock in the flavour of lemon slices, and slowly release the lemon flavour into your tea as the ice melts.

Instead of the drink becoming diluted, you get more of the lemon slices as time goes by.

Lemon ice cubes - ToDoTea

Frozen lemon bits, pretty.

Sounds complicated.

Well, not at all.

All you need to do is slice a lemon into tiny cubes, no more than half an inch by half an inch (1.27 cm x 1.27 cm to be exact), and freeze them in the ice tray of your fridge, overnight.

Taiwan black tea with lemon ice cubes - ToDoTea

Frozen lemon ice cubes swimming in black tea.

You can be even more creative with the recipe by freezing black tea or honey in ice to completely eliminate diluting effects, or change flavours as you go.

3. Add a Dash of Lemon to the Black Tea

Add thin slices of lemon to the iced black tea to complete the healthy citrus infusion.

Taiwan lemon ice slices black tea - ToDoTea


If you love a bit more tang in your lemon tea, you can squeeze some lemon juice to give it a bit more kick to this homemade iced tea recipe.

Now sit back, close your eyes and feel the warm sea breeze blow across your face while you sip your iced black tea made with our own Taiwan Red Jade Black Tea.


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