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Simple 1-2 Step to a Honey Oolong Tea to Sweeten Your Long Work Day

Honey Oolong - ToDoTea

After a long day’s work at the office, your fingers are numb from the diligent typing on the keyboard, your neck is sore from hours of craning over your computer screen, and your feet hurt from the uncomfortable work shoes you had to endure throughout the day.

As soon as you leave the office, all you think about is a refreshing cold drink to re-hydrate your spirit and wash away the work stress.

For today’s recipe,

I want to show you a blend of Honey Oolong Tea to help you relieve your work stress with some sweet honey goodness.

Honey as we know it, is busy bees’ life work.

From bees’ expertise in pollinating flowers, the hunt for floral blossoms that culminating in the concentrated flower nectar in the hive.

Like Oolong tea, Honey is known to be rich in antioxidants, which lead to key benefits such as:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve cholesterol

  • Improve general heart health

  • Suppress coughs

Nutritional facts of honey

Nutritional facts of honey. Image source, National Honey Board.

If you can’t wait to have a cold, sweet Honey Oolong tea to kick off your after work relaxation, here are the simple 1-2 step to make it a good one.

1. Mix Honey and Taiwan Oolong Tea in a Cocktail Shaker

You get to mix Oolong tea with honey from the get go.

Add 2 teaspoons of your favourite honey to the cocktail shaker, with 6 oz (177 ml) of Taiwan Oolong Tea.

2 teaspoons of honey - ToDoTea

2 teaspoons of honey to brighten your day.

Since you will use plenty of ice in the cocktail shaker to mix the drink, you can hot brew the Oolong tea, with 6 oz (177 ml) of hot water at 195 degrees Fahrenheit (91 degrees Celsius) to steep 4 teaspoons (4-6 g) of loose leaf Taiwan Black Oolong for 3-4 minutes.

Mix Taiwan Oolong Tea to cocktail shaker - ToDoTea

Hot brew Oolong Tea with plenty of ice.

Once you have all the ingredients ready in the cocktail shaker, it’s time for some light exercise.

2. Shake Your Honey Oolong and Serve

Let’s shake your cocktail of honey and Oolong tea.

You might complain that you already have a hard day at work and you don’t want any more physical exertion than you have to.


Let’s treat this like a wild dance of sorts.

With a wee flick, thrust and whip of your forearms, you get to release all the tension in your arms and shoulders in 30 seconds.

Once you have shaken your drink thoroughly for about 30 seconds, you are ready to drink and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Honey Oolong - ToDoTea

All honey and no sweat.


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