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Passion Fruit Iced Tea to Boost Your Daily Vitamin C Needs

Passion Fruit Oolong Tea - ToDoTea

Passion fruit, the tropical fruit that hits you with the sour and tangy taste first, before using the gentle sweetness to entice you to come back for more.

It almost has an acquired taste that plays hard to get, and only the ones who can brave the trials of the sour taste can conquer the fruit’s sweet nectar.

Like mango, it reminds you of the tropical holiday that you never got around to have.

Passion fruit slices - ToDoTea

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What’s so great about passion fruits?

Well, the fruit is low in Sodium and very low in saturated fat.

On top of that,

In 100 g of passion fruit, it can provide 42% of Recommended Daily Intake of dietary fiber, 25% of Vitamin A and 50% of Vitamin C.


How can we fit passion fruits into our daily rituals of drinking Oolong teas?

Here are the steps to making a passion fruit iced tea to get half of your daily dose of Vitamin C.

1. Slice Open 4 Passion Fruits and Scoop out the Pulp

You need to separate the passion fruit pulp from 4 fruits, seeds and all.

This is done by slicing each fruit in half and scooping the pulp out with a spoon.

Passion fruit pulp in a glass - ToDoTea

Around 120 ml of passion fruit pulp.

You should have around 120 ml of the golden pulp, ready to drop into a cocktail shaker.

Passion fruit pulp in a cocktail shaker - ToDoTea

Let the pulp flow into the cocktail shaker.


2. Mix the Fruits and Oolong Tea Into a Cocktail Shaker

Take out around 200 ml of Oolong tea prepared earlier.

Being an avid Oolong tea drinker, we always have cold brewed Oolong in the fridge, and that’s what we prefer.

But, since we will be using plenty of ice in the cocktail shaker, hot brewed Oolong tea on the spot also works pretty well.

Make sure you add more loose leaves than you used to compensate for the dilution from the ice, and still get the Oolong flavour in the passion fruit iced tea.

Taiwan Oolong Tea mixes with passion fruits in a cocktail shaker - ToDoTea

Add ice, Oolong tea to the fruit pulp in the cocktail shaker.

Then add plenty of ice cubes into the mix to make sure you get enough oomph in your cocktail shaking action.

3. Shake It Like You Want It

Have you wondered why you need ice in the cocktail shaker in the first place?

It’s actually there to help you stir the drink.

Pro tips on shaking cocktails.

Once you have shaken long and hard for the drink to mix well, you’ll be thirsty enough to gulp down the iced tea in one go.

Passion Fruit Oolong Tea - ToDoTea

Here you go, you deserve it.

We have found the taste of Taiwan Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong works best with this recipe.


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