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Infuse Oolong Tea into Your Smoked Chicken Wings

Tea Smoked Chicken Wings - ToDoTea

No matter where you live, it’s very likely you’ve tasted smoked chicken before.

Whether it is the classic BBQ smoked chicken, the Southern Cajun smoked chicken, or the European smoked paprika chicken,

Smoked chicken wings seem to have a special place in most people’s hearts around the world.

But infusing tea into chicken wings is a special dish exclusive in Asian cultures.

Living in Taiwan, we frequently visit night markets conveniently located in most cities to get our hands on the delicious and juicy tea smoked chicken.

Taiwan Night Market

Find tea smoked dishes in night markets like this in Taiwan.

Today, we’ll show you a quick and easy recipe to make your own Tea Smoked Chicken Wings in your own kitchen.

Step 1. Steam Chicken Wings until Juices Run Clear

The first step of the recipe is to steam cook the chicken wings.

After cleaning 5 pieces of chicken wings thoroughly with water, you can place the wings in a pot fitted with a steamer basket over water.

Bring water to boil and steam for around 30 minutes until juices run clear from the chicken.

Then you can start preparing the spices to infuse tea flavour into your chicken wings.

Step 2. Place Tea Leaves and Spices into a Pan Lined with Tinfoil

Now you will line a pan with two layers of tinfoil before putting on the spices.

The point of the tinfoil is to provide a good platform to heat the spices evenly, and protect your pan in the process.

Tea spices placed on tinfoil in a pan - ToDoTea

Put all the spices on tinfoil in the pan.

You might think you only need loose tea leaves to infuse tea into the smoky chicken, but you actually need a bit more to bring out the tea smell without tasting charred flavour in the wings.

The ingredients that make up the spices are:

Mix tea spices in the pan with your fingers - ToDoTea

Evenly mix the spices with your hands.

Once you add all the spices into the tinfoil, use your fingers to gently mix the spices together.

Then you can start the business end of the recipe, smoking the chicken wings.

Step 3. Smoke Chicken Wings on a Grill in the Pan

Bring out a grill to place your chicken wings while separating them from the bottom of the pan.

Put the steamed chicken wings on a grill in the pan - ToDoTea

Place the steamed chicken wings on a grill.

With a lid over the pan, you’ll make sure the chicken wings are fully immersed in the tea smoke without being burnt by the pan.

Place the lid over the chicken wings ready to be smoked - ToDoTea

Smoke with low heat until wings become golden brown.

Heat the pan on low, to smoke and brown the chicken wings gradually.

Golden brown Tea Smoked Chicken Wings - ToDoTea

Smell the tea infused chicken wings.

After around 30 minutes of gentle smoking, the golden brown Tea Smoked Chicken Wings will be filled with the essence of Taiwan High Mountain Oolong tea and ready for your hungry stomach.

You can also squeeze a bit of lemon and lime to add a citrus flavour to the wings.


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