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What Is ToDoTea?

ToDoTea is the portmanteau of Tony and Doris, the Heart and Soul of the family operation, where Doris brings her life-long expertise in Taiwan teas, and Tony helps out with whatever to make her look good.

Everything started nearly 100 years ago, in 1928, when Doris' great grandfather, Master Lee, was recognised as one of the top Oolong tea experts in Nantou, Taiwan.

It has been a family business ever since.

1928 To Do Tea Oolong Certificate - ToDoTea

The certificate awarded to Master Lee as a top Oolong expert.

Though the certificate has faded along with memories of our ancestors, the love of Taiwan Oolong tea lives on.

Doris' Story

Fast forward 70 years, as the youngest daughter of the 4th generation tea family, I have been involved in Oolong tea for as long as I could remember.

After school, I would keep my dad company while we drove to hilly tea farms around Taiwan to find the freshest harvest of the season, before helping my mum cook up a storm in the kitchen to feed hungry workers in our factory.

The tea culture that runs in our family is passed down through generations in the chores that we do, the tea tasting sessions, and gossip around the tea set.

My knowledge in Oolong tea is closely tied to the loving memories with my family.

Now that I have a family of my own, I want to create new memories with Tony by sharing creative, healthy recipes that add Oolong tea to everyone's drinking routine.

 ToDoTea family

The ToDoTea family.

Tony's Story

I didn't know much about tea before I met Doris.

But step by step, sip by sip, Doris introduced me to the famous golden brew of Oolong.

I see her passion in the way she hand-stuff her own tea bags just right, to make sure the leaves have enough room to unfurl in a cold brew.

And the way she warms the tea set with hot water by rinsing the tea leaves first, then decant the hot brew in separate cups to preserve the flavour.

We are combining Doris' knowledge in tea with her love of cooking, to experiment with new flavours.

I want to help Doris realise her dream of introducing more people to the benefits of Taiwan teas, and show you ways to make tea drinking a part of a healthier lifestyle.

Where Is ToDoTea?

Despite building a new family, we still live close to home.

If you have any question about Taiwan teas in general, email us at, or visit us at:

7F., No.93, Ln. 126, Guangming Rd., Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County 310, Taiwan.